Get the Look!

Get the Look!

Who could deny it? Rhianna’s look here is fabulous! Follow these 10 steps to achieve a similar yet easy look with the same sexy effect!

1. Always practice good skin care! In other words, don’t sleep in makeup, cleanse and moisturize daily, and find a good exfoliator (scrubs are awesome), peel and mask to use weekly. Following these tips at a minimal should yield better skin results within 60 days of regular use regardless of brand used.

2. Start with a medium – full coverage foundation. Apply to the entire face.

3. Apply concealer just below the eyes and use your forefinger to draw it down so it sits on the upper cheek bones

4. Using a highlighting setting powder, apply to the T-Zone, that is, down the bridge of the nose, the upper cheek bone, just below the cheek bone and middle of the forehead. If you have bad acne on the center of your forehead, I recommend using a setting powder without a highlight. Highlight means to raise or “highlight” an area, so although you do want to get the look, you don’t want to draw attention to imperfections.

5. Using brow powder and an angled brush, fill in your brow’s empty spaces, no need to create a false brow, just enhance what you already have. If you have untamed brows or overly arched brows, go for a stronger brow but use a very light stroke of the pencil to keep the natural look. Finish the brow by brushing the hairs upward with clear brow gel. I use Maybelline’s! It’s cheap and gets the job done!

6. Using your favorite bronzer, sweep across the apples of the cheeks using it as blush. Once you see a color difference, draw the look together by taking a larger brush and pulling the product from the cheeks around the entire face. This way, your entire face will glow, but it wont look like your extremely brown or too bronzy.

7. Using a lip liner that matches the color of your outer lip line perfectly, trace your lips. Fill in with your favorite nude pink glittery lip gloss.

8. Find your favorite, believable lash! To apply for an all day lasting method, apply DUO Individual Lash Adhesive to the lash line and the glue directly to the lash strip; wait 25 seconds before merging them, ensuring the ends are secure on the eyelid.

9. Using black mascara, gently sweep across your bottom lashes. This will create an “every lash for itself” kind of look. Then use the mascara to blend your natural lashes at the top into the false strip lashes.

10. Finally use a colorless powder like Ben Nye’s White or NYX Cosmetic’s HD Illuminating powder to sweep the entire face. I especially like using this product under the eye over top of concealer to prevent the product from creasing. The powder is colorless, but will leave the face set and flawless.

Good Luck! And Don’t Forget to Leave Comments Below or on Instagram @BBBeautyDC !!

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Grammy Beauty!

Grammy Beauty!

Talk about effortless beauty! J. Lo rocked it at last night’s Grammy’s! Replicate this look by following these few steps!

1. After your favorite primer, foundation, concealer, and powder and blush has been applied, Apply Laura Mercier’s Bronzer for an all over glowing, sultry look.
2. Next, Apply Your favorite demure brown eye shadow to the lids of your eye for a subtle smokey eye. I love Urban Decay’s Naked Palette.
3. Now time for the fun part, the eye liner! Use Maybelline’s Line Definer Liquid Eye Liner to trace the inner line of the top and bottom lid beginning from the inner corner and tracing it around the entire eye. Be sure to stay on the inner lash line for a more piercing look. Once you’ve traced the eye completely, draw the inner-corner line in a bit, to create a more defined eye shape. Repeat on the other eye.
4. Now its time to pucker up! Apply your favorite coral tone-nude lipstick. I prefer MAC Cosmetic’s Cremesheen Peach Blossom for a smooth and shiny, kissable lip.
5. Next, apply your favorite nude-peach lip liner, in a slightly darker tone that the actual lipstick. I use Rimmel London’s Lasting Finish Pencil Lip Liner; lasts super long and is very inexpensive.
6. Finally spray MAC Cosmetic’s Rose Fix Spray around the entire face, approximately 3 sprays, about 10- 12 inches away from your face for the dewy, youthful look J. Lo has. Wait a minute or so, and voila! You’ve got J.Lo’s Show-Stopping Grammy Look!

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Dark Lip Obsession: You Can Get With This or You Can Get With That

Dark Lip Obsession

You can get with This, or you can get with That

So, last night i was going out for drinks with the girls and decides to throw on a cute short black dress and go for a dark lip. I chose a dark purple shade by Wet-n-Wild, 919B; a product which is almost the exact same color as one priced 5 times as much by MAC! Follow these short steps to acheive the perfect dark lip, without having to spend a fortune!

1. Clean your lips with water. (They should be free of product before you begin)

2. Apply the Rimmel London Perfect Fix primer to your lips for a base. (pictured above, it costs less than $8.00 and is available at and local grocery or pharmacy store, it can be used on the entire face, under foundation and is perfect for oily skin, or for days when you need your makeup to last extra long.

3. Line the lips with a deep plum or cocoa liner, beginning in the cupid’s bow and slowly move in to the surface of the lip, strengthening the base of color, that the lipstick lasts longer.

4. Next, apply the lipstick to the lip, covering the entire surface.

5. Blot with a tissue lightly and reapply the lipstick.

6. With a small smudge brush touch up the corners and outline of the lip with a brush.

7. Smile! you look fabulous!

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Not a lot of time? Do Makeup the ELF Way!

Not a lot of time? Do Makeup the ELF Way!

You don’t have to have a full face to look fabulous! Today I did my little sister’s eye makeup with the sephora shades just two colors, pink and brown. First I applied a little eye primer by NARS, to base of the eyelid. Then, I applied the pink to the lid with a basic shadow brush followed by a dark chocolate brown in the crease. (helpful hint: To get the perfect blended eye, apply the darker shade to the outer corner of the eye starting at the tip of the lash line), a little mascara and wall! I then applied a little cream blush and a neutral lip shade, that’s the Eyes, Lips, and Face, or as I’d like to call it, the ELF way!

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Super Great Buy!!

Super Great Buy!!

What girl doesn’t love make-up? I can’t think of any, but often ladies become weary of what makeup and eyeshadow palette to buy. Then we’re discouraged because we think it costs big bucks to have high quality makeup: WRONG! Here’s a great holiday buy from Sephora. For only $49.50, you get 180 lipstick and eyeshadow samples, 2 blushes, 2 bronzers, 6 cream eyeliners, 4 applicators, mascara, liquid eyeliner and a brown and black lip/eye liner. Plus the eyeshadows and lipsticks/glosses can be used interchangeably to give you whatever look you want. Can you say HOT! This makeup is not only all inclusive, but with a good set of brushes, foundation, primer and skin care regimen, every-day ladies all over the world can look like celebrities, with every look from High Fashion Glam, to the girl next door. Visit any Sephora store or visit to get one for yourself.

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