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The Weekend Wind-Down


Weekends are a great time to unwind. Catching up on Lifetime’s Little Women of LA and Concert Series’ have been my summer 2014 faves! No matter what yours is, I suggest that we beauties always take time to treat our skin over the weekend. Usually, I try and go at least one full day without makeup. If I haven’t had the chance to do general grooming like waxing, and or tweezing I take care of that so that the redness will be completely gone and pores closed by Monday. Next, I seek an intense facial rejuvenating treatment like a peel, salt scrub or cleansing brush to remove dead skin cells and reveal a fresh new layer. Regardless of what I do, exercise, diet and rest always has the greatest affect on my skin. It never fails! These three consistently alleviate under eye circles, tiredness and excess wrinkles. What steps have you taken to support your skin this summer? Opted for a bronzer or suntan rather than full foundation? Taken extra time to cleanse and moisturize each day? Perfect! Whatever choice you make to keeping your skin healthy, odds are, it’s a good one! Stay beautiful!

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Teyana and Riri’s Words Blue You Away? Cut the Drama, and Try these Icy Hues this Fall

Funny how frenemies have so much in common! Bad Girl Riri might not love Teyana Taylor’s voice but one thing’s for sure; both of them look haute in a blue lippy! They’ve announced the trend that makeup artists and beauty gurus have been sporting for the past year now. Nevertheless, now the world knows blue makeup is not limited to the eyes. In fact, the blue lipstick trend is one which has proven to be quite beautiful. Whether you prefer a pale sky-colored replica, or a tone as deep and dark as the sea. Try one of my fave beautiful blues this season!

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Male Grooming 101

Believe it or not, manly, athletic, muscular men, DO wear makeup! Practically every man you’ve ever seen  on camera, whether in print, television or cinema has on some form of face product. Truth is, cosmetics can be used not to just to cultivate, but color the skin for your preference, and like women, in many cases, men can use cosmetics for enhancement. On screen, most men  wear full fledged makeup, I’m talking the WHOLE 9! like Makeup Forever’s HD Liquid Foundation, Contour Powder, Mascara, and even liner! Off camera however, some men would like to look flawless without having to overcome a fear of breaking “man code” in the process. No problem! Here are my top  men’s grooming products to make any man look wedding day or red carpet ready in a matter of minutes with enhancements so subtle, even they’ll forget they have something on.

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BB Cream the All-in-one Product


In one of my recent trips to my neigboring pharmacy, I discovered Rimmel, Covergirl and Maybelline had newly released products. BB cream! As a follower of many makeup artists, and a fan of artist AJ Crimson, who happens to have his own self-named cosmetics line, including such a product, I decided to do some research of my own. BB cream (Beauty Balm), which I like to call Bold Beauty Cream is a multi-dimensional product which offers anywhere from 7-10 skin benefits. Similiar to tinted moisturizer in that it doesn’t provide full coverage, it’s so much more! Although some cosmetic lines claim that BB Cream combines skincare and makeup in 1 step, a good skin care regimen including a weekly hydrating mask, bi-weekly peel, daily cleanser, toner and moisturizer and well-balanced diet, is the best way to produce a flawless face.

Qualities of a Good BB Cream

  • SPF Protection
  • Built-in primer
  • Smoothing quality
  • Evens Skin tone
  • Litte oil and heavy ingredients
  • Brightening Effect

What’s a BB Cream Good For?

  • A day at the Beach
  • Gym flattery: Idk about you but I like to look flawless even while working out!
  • Purse Product, requiring minimal effort and technique
  • People who’ve had a major breakout and want to wear makeup without clogging pores or using too much product
  • Makeup Newbies
  • Anyone!

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