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Red Lips for Everybody!!

The next time I hear someone say I’m too this or too that to wear this or wear that It’s Going Down!!! Being a lover of all things crimson (Delta Girl of Course) I love the staple red lip as should every girl. Young or old, chic or of the tomboy sort, every girl should identify their signature red lip. Historically, the red lip has been associated with sensuality, power and brazen feminity. In short, it’a a timeless trend. Here are some tips and examples of some of my favorite red lips on varying skin tones. Enjoy!

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Note #1: Many of my friends with lucious red lips think they can’t rock a red lip! This is not the case. I always recommend going for a red with a hint of fuschia or purple to resemble more of a rasberry rather than a bright red cherry. This will relate more easily to the warmth of the entire face. One special key to pulling off an awesome red lip, especially on those of us with rich skintones is to brightent the T-Zone area; that’s under the eye, upper cheek boned and down the bridge of the nose. Brightening these areas with the appropriate shade of concealer and powder if applicable will help brighten the area and provide more harmony to the face. I love Cover Girl Queen Collection’s Paint the Town;it adds a lustre, easily accessible and if it’s not perfect, you don’t have to feel guilty about spending a fortune.


Note #2 : Personally, I love red lips with a hint of orange to them. Here’s one of my personal faves BlackUp Cosmetic’s Red : RGE 17 ; it’s not drying yet gives a perfect matte finish. Color looks like this; obviously she’s about 12 shades lighter than me, but it looks great on both of us!

Note #3 :Always start with a clean face and a good liner; good looking red lips are well defined red lips; protect yourself from running off by beginning with a solid red liner of the same or slightly darker shade.

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Note #4: I love a matte lip however, if you don’t have any sparkle on the rest of your face, i.e., shimmering eyelids, sparkling cheeks etc, it might be a good idea to go for a gloss. Gloss on top of a matte lipstick works great and you won’t have to worry about losing some of your color throughout the day. Otherwise, go for a stain or tint, just make sure you seal with a liner, as most glosses tend to disorient the actual shape of the lip throughout the course of the day.

New York Knicks 2012 Playoff Celebration

Note #5: In my heart, Tika can do no wrong! She’s so beautiful, but I understand not every woman feels she can pull of this bright lip and over all glamourous look! I mean she has lashes, luminous cheeks a glossed lip ( I would’ve preferred matte lipstick in this look) and  a dramatic eye; a bit much, BUT the lip is certainly a good one. To recreate this look the right way remember, less is more! Tone it down a bit;  try going with a matte skincolor eyeshadow, or none at all, toning down the blush and voila, a gorgeous bright red lip without feeling over done.


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Smokey Eyes and Red Lips; the perfect elegant #win!!

Smokey Eyes and Red Lips; the perfect elegant #win!!

Who says every skin tone cant have a perfect red lip? Trust me there’s a perfect red for ever skin color no matter how fair or deep.

Photo Courtesy of bvonbeauty.com

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