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Top 10 Reasons Why Beyonce is a Bold Bright Beauty

20140904-060605-21965497.jpgQueen Bey. Beyoncé. Mrs. Knowles-Carter. The superstar Birthday Girl  AKA Sasha Fierce barely needs an introduction, she sets the trends in music, fashion and beauty. But in case you are somehow confused of how she could be so bold. We’ll explain why she’s a #boldbrightbeauty!

1. Because Beyonce Loves Her Family



Beyoncé is obviously in love with her hubby Jay-Z and her daughter Blue Ivy, but it’s not JUST about the Knowles-Carter empire. Beyoncé embraces her musical family and sisterhood with Solange and Kelly in a truly genuine way.

2. She’s Always Been a Winner



From singing Star Search, to local Texan music and beauty contests; Beyoncé is no stranger to ambition. She learned to work hard and strive for greatness from the beginning and hasn’t looked back since.

3. She was Bold Enough to Step out on her Own

destinys child


Growing up as lead to one of the most successful girl vocal groups had to be a lot of pressure, and leaving her friends to pursue her career independently had to be even harder. Nevertheless, Beyonce tapped into her courageous side to embark on one of the most successful careers of female pop vocalists of all time.

4. She takes Fashion Risks

Beyoncé never ceases to amaze us on the red carpet or even on vacay. Her apt to embrace creative fashion, bold colors, prints and statements through clothing is on the cutting edge of glam.

5. She Cut off All her Hair


Everyone knows, the big chop is definitely a big deal! Beyoncé took hers like a pro. Plus, her custom color stayed true to her blonde fierceness.

6. And then Graced the Floor with her 30 Plus Inches


beyonce hair

The big chop took a back seat to several styles including a blonde ombré bob and wavy chin length tresses. The ultimate slay however, was her hair look in the September Issue of CR Fashion Book. Forget 22inches hunny; floor length is how she gets down.

7. When SHE Got Box Braids, We All Got Box Braids



Lol. But didn’t we though? Even my girl Christina Aguilera was tryna rock with the Poetic Justice flow.

8. Her Heart is Humble



Regardless of non-profit issue or cause, Beyonce has the most genuine and humble spirit in regards to philanthropy. Her passion for her family and her music is evident but her gratitude towards fans is what pulls at our hearts the most.

9. But She Can Still Turn Up and Get Ratchet!

Everyone knows when her unannounced, self-titled album came out in December 2013, their eyes widened and hips rolled. She’s a grown woman obviously, but anyone who will tell all the bitches to bow down, in gangsta grillz… #beentrill.

10. She Makes Bold & Bright Boss Moves



Beyonce and Jay-Z’s On The Run Tour grossed more than 100million dollars, (More than $5 million a show) making it one of the most successful tours ever (next to Bruce Springteen’s and U2’s World Tours). From Cosmetics and Hair Endorsements, to movie roles and award show performances, Beyonce is careful with her brand and clearly makes bold boss moves.

If That’s not a Bold Bright Beauty, IDK what is! Check out our cool Beyonce Birthday Tribute On Instagram!




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Get the Look!

Get the Look!


Who could deny it? Rhianna’s look here is fabulous! Follow these 10 steps to achieve a similar yet easy look with the same sexy effect!

1. Always practice good skin care! In other words, don’t sleep in makeup, cleanse and moisturize daily, and find a good exfoliator (scrubs are awesome), peel and mask to use weekly. Following these tips at a minimal should yield better skin results within 60 days of regular use regardless of brand used.

2. Start with a medium – full coverage foundation. Apply to the entire face.

3. Apply concealer just below the eyes and use your forefinger to draw it down so it sits on the upper cheek bones

4. Using a highlighting setting powder, apply to the T-Zone, that is, down the bridge of the nose, the upper cheek bone, just below the cheek bone and middle of the forehead. If you have bad acne on the center of your forehead, I recommend using a setting powder without a highlight. Highlight means to raise or “highlight” an area, so although you do want to get the look, you don’t want to draw attention to imperfections.

5. Using brow powder and an angled brush, fill in your brow’s empty spaces, no need to create a false brow, just enhance what you already have. If you have untamed brows or overly arched brows, go for a stronger brow but use a very light stroke of the pencil to keep the natural look. Finish the brow by brushing the hairs upward with clear brow gel. I use Maybelline’s! It’s cheap and gets the job done!

6. Using your favorite bronzer, sweep across the apples of the cheeks using it as blush. Once you see a color difference, draw the look together by taking a larger brush and pulling the product from the cheeks around the entire face. This way, your entire face will glow, but it wont look like your extremely brown or too bronzy.

7. Using a lip liner that matches the color of your outer lip line perfectly, trace your lips. Fill in with your favorite nude pink glittery lip gloss.

8. Find your favorite, believable lash! To apply for an all day lasting method, apply DUO Individual Lash Adhesive to the lash line and the glue directly to the lash strip; wait 25 seconds before merging them, ensuring the ends are secure on the eyelid.

9. Using black mascara, gently sweep across your bottom lashes. This will create an “every lash for itself” kind of look. Then use the mascara to blend your natural lashes at the top into the false strip lashes.

10. Finally use a colorless powder like Ben Nye’s White or NYX Cosmetic’s HD Illuminating powder to sweep the entire face. I especially like using this product under the eye over top of concealer to prevent the product from creasing. The powder is colorless, but will leave the face set and flawless.

Good Luck! And Don’t Forget to Leave Comments Below or on Instagram @BBBeautyDC !!

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