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Dark Lip Obsession: You Can Get With This or You Can Get With That

Dark Lip Obsession

You can get with This, or you can get with That

So, last night i was going out for drinks with the girls and decides to throw on a cute short black dress and go for a dark lip. I chose a dark purple shade by Wet-n-Wild, 919B; a product which is almost the exact same color as one priced 5 times as much by MAC! Follow these short steps to acheive the perfect dark lip, without having to spend a fortune!

1. Clean your lips with water. (They should be free of product before you begin)

2. Apply the Rimmel London Perfect Fix primer to your lips for a base. (pictured above, it costs less than $8.00 and is available at and local grocery or pharmacy store, it can be used on the entire face, under foundation and is perfect for oily skin, or for days when you need your makeup to last extra long.

3. Line the lips with a deep plum or cocoa liner, beginning in the cupid’s bow and slowly move in to the surface of the lip, strengthening the base of color, that the lipstick lasts longer.

4. Next, apply the lipstick to the lip, covering the entire surface.

5. Blot with a tissue lightly and reapply the lipstick.

6. With a small smudge brush touch up the corners and outline of the lip with a brush.

7. Smile! you look fabulous!

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