Product Reviews

Product Review on Essence Magazine Online!!


Check out one of my product reviews on Lisi Cosmetics, a haute new spot off of Broadway in NYC, the ultimate stop for a Beauty on a Budget! Check it Out!  Product Junkie: LiSi Cosmetics

Essence Online Product Junkies: Juara’s Avocado Banana Moisture Mask


Talk about smoother than a baby’s bottom! This little number works wonders, smells just as good as avocadoes  and won’t turn brown!! Click the photo or link below for the full review.

Product Junkie: Juara’s Avocado Banana Moisture Mask




Essence Online Beauty Review: Product Junkies: Glass Air Gel

This product worked wonderfully for me during the summer when the weather was humid and my locks went weeks without re-twisting. Please, dont judge me! Anyway, I love how light and perfectly cured the product was and what made me feel even cooler was I found out Faith Evans is one of the business execs. behind the product. Awesome! Check out the full review at via the direct link below.

Product Junkie: Glass Air Gel

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