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As the summer heat is arising, so is our internal heat index. You know what that means – outr sweat glands get to work and our makeup gets-a-slippin.’ Soon, your super cute summer glow is annihilated by nature and you’re ready to grab a cleansing makeup remover wipe and head in for the day. But wait, before you throw in the (makeup) towel, There’s Hope! Try one of my top 5 makeup setting sprays to keep your foundation flawless and your makeup dry. (listed in order of appearance)

1.  Ben Nye Setting Spray– This little baby is first because it is my ultimate fave! It never lets me down. If I apply a cream or liquid foundation, then set with powder, my face is set for the next 12-14 hours, come heat or humidity. Pick some up from a specialty makeup supplier or on Amazon.

2.  NYX Makeup Setting Spray in Dewy and Matte – NYX  Cosmetics is my go-to cosmetics brand for good quality products at low prices. For less than $10 you can get a super effective spray in dewy or matte finish which really locks in moisture and prevents minimal perspiration from causing liquid foundation to break down.

3. Makeup Forever  Mist and Fix Makeup Setting Spray – Makeup Forever is my go-to brand for my long days where wetness is a contender. It gives my face a quick re-fresh before locking in the makeup with a formula which seals my look for at least 8 hrs at a time.

4. Mary Kay Finishing Spray by Skindinavia – No, Mary Kay is not your momma’s makeup! Truth be told some of the line’s makeup and skincare products have won awards for efficacy and with a conservative price point. It’s certainly worth a try. Heading to a MK party soon? Try their Finishing Spray by Skindinavia.

Urban Decay All-Nighter Makeup Setting Spray – I love this brand because there are three different types to choose from! De Slick: Oil Control, Dew Me: Moisturising and All Nighter; Long Lasting Spray.





Perfecting your Face and Smile


Many of us girls carry dozens of beauty products, gadgets and gizmos in our purses and handbags. Ever wonder how you could size down to only a couple of things that can make you look and feel like a beauty bombshell without the chore of toting around what seems like an entire cosmetic counter? Today I decided to take only two items with me to work. I know, only two! I chose Nars Pure Matte Lipstick in a pink shade called Carthage and Pacifica’s Island Vanilla Roll-On. On days when simplicity is a priority, you have to maintain two important beauty must-haves: a great scent and a great smile. Nars matte lipstick is my fave because it doesn’t have a chalky dry feel and sets well, even without liner! Pacifica’s roll-on perfume is awesome because it can be hidden anywhere and is perfect for that after-lunch pick me up when you want to look and smell fresh. What’s your beauty fave? Share with us on twitter @BBBeautyDC #myfave

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