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The Weekend Wind-Down


Weekends are a great time to unwind. Catching up on Lifetime’s Little Women of LA and Concert Series’ have been my summer 2014 faves! No matter what yours is, I suggest that we beauties always take time to treat our skin over the weekend. Usually, I try and go at least one full day without makeup. If I haven’t had the chance to do general grooming like waxing, and or tweezing I take care of that so that the redness will be completely gone and pores closed by Monday. Next, I seek an intense facial rejuvenating treatment like a peel, salt scrub or cleansing brush to remove dead skin cells and reveal a fresh new layer. Regardless of what I do, exercise, diet and rest always has the greatest affect on my skin. It never fails! These three consistently alleviate under eye circles, tiredness and excess wrinkles. What steps have you taken to support your skin this summer? Opted for a bronzer or suntan rather than full foundation? Taken extra time to cleanse and moisturize each day? Perfect! Whatever choice you make to keeping your skin healthy, odds are, it’s a good one! Stay beautiful!

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Lipstick Fave: Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm Collection Giveaway

I’m Loving Revlon’s Colorburst  Matte Balm Collection so much that I’ve decided to do a Contest!  The line comes in 6 vibrant colors, which last long and moisturize the lips through conditioning menthol. I love this collection because it’s not drying, totally kissable and doesn’t layer and look caky like most drying matte lipsticks. A definite budget beauty option to keep your pockets and smiles happy! Enter Now!

The Winner Will Receive Several products from the Matte Balm Collection! To Enter:

  1. Follow
  2. Repost Anything related to beauty and use the hashtag #boldbrightbeauty
  3. Stay beautiful!

Contest ends 8pm EST May 18th

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Recovering from A Beat Down? #CoveritUp



Clearly there MUST be something in the air because I have seen/heard of  1 TOO Many beat downs this weekend! Poor babies! The way reality tv is going these days, the Solange on Jay-Z beat down didn’t surprise me. Honestly, it’s probably not the first time things have gotten physical. Nevertheless, for those fights that can’t be avoided,  try the new Kat Von D Lock it  Tattoo Foundation. For just $34.00 at Sephora, this foundation will cover any bruise, scar or burn incurred from a variety of beat down scenarios. It is Extremely thick! However, you can dilute the heaviness of foundation by mixing with a light moisturizer or even a tad bit of water. Guys, got into a squabble at a bar, but have a really important meeting tomorrow? Grab a sample! Then take a q-tip, dabble it onto the darkened area only, and blend carefully. Once complete, dab a little white, odorless body powder over the site with a clean fingertip or tissue. Ladies you can use your favorite colorless HD setting powder, but for fellas, powder will do the trick! Good luck and please #ElevateResponsibly LOL

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Moody in May

LeChat Mood Gel Color

LeChat Perfect Match Mood Gel Color

2014 has been a a great one yal! I’ve been working and sweatin’ – dancing and cookin’ all in a happy mood. But I’ll be honest, ever so often, I get a little low. I usually turn to devotionals, inspirational social media posts and exercise, but lately, I’ve learned to celebrate my mood with nothing better than mood gel nail polish! Beauty makes me happy so what better way than to celebrate with a color-changing fave.

So far, my faves are the brands LeChat Perfect Match and Gel II Reaction. Using my home UV light, I’m able to give myself a complete gel manicure which lasts perfectly, without cracking 7-9 days. Usually, each bottle has a 2-color transformative base for example, Gel II’s color R125 “Hawaiian Hurricane” changes from light to dark blue. I’m wearing this now! Visit @boldbrightbeauty1 on Instagram to see the true color and transformative video!

I was first introduced to the mood-changing gel manicure at a posh little salon in DC. I was completely infatuated with the idea of a polish that actually changed with my mood however, when the nail technician wiped the slate clean with a cool alcohol doused cotton ball, mid mood nostalgia, I realized; temperature was the true culprit.

The method to the mood factor is temperature. Our natural body temperature is 98.6 degrees, with slightly cooler fingertips. An elevation or decrease in body temperature will alter the nail polish color; lightening or darkening depending on the brand.

Granted, the science of mood-changing polish is a lot less romantic as I thought, but hey, guys don’t know that! The next time you’re mad at you’re hunny, run your gel manicure under a cool bath and blame him for the change! LOL




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The 5 Things You Need To Know About Gel Manicure Safety


Everybody loves gel nails. What’s not to like? The color lasts two to three weeks without chipping, the polish retains shine, and it protects nail beds from everyday wear and tear. But what effect does it have on our skin?

Going to the nail salon every two weeks, or 26 times annually, exposes our skin to about 13 hours of direct UV light rays each year. Assuming a woman gets her nails done at least once per month every year for 20 years of her life (based off of a poll I conducted with 10 of my best girl friends) is the damage we cause to our hands really worth it? And, even if done less frequently, should we be still be worried?

In order to help ease your mind I’ve put together the top five things you should know about gel manicure safety. These are tricks of the trade I’ve learned from cosmetology school and personal experience. Check out the full story on here.

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5 Steps To Getting Ombre Hair At Home Without Stressing Your Strands


The ombre hair effect is no longer just a fad, rather it seems like this color method is here to stay in 2014. At least that’s what these hairstylists told us at the beginning of the year. Jordin Sparks, Beyonce and Ciara have all mastered the style while making it look effortlessly chic. Still, is the technique so advanced that fashionistas like you and I can’t try at home? Not at all. As the daughter of a master stylist, and a beauty school attendee myself, I’ve learned the ins and outs of the extraordinary and potentially tricky hair color processes.

Like most beauty treatments, DIY projects may not yield perfect professional results. Nevertheless, testing a new method at home could save your strands and your budget in the long run.

So while going ombre at home is something we can all do, it pays to be careful and avoid disaster. Therefore, before you bleach your tips and affix them with a hue as bright as the sun, grab some gloves, a color brush, and follow these tips for strong strands. Check out the rest on Styleblazer here!

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Pucker Up And Perfect Your Pout With These 10 Pre Date Night Sweets


While half of us are wondering what shade of red or pink to wear, or, better yet, what to get our not-so-defined valentine, some of us have even bigger problems. The entire day could go great. He could shower you in presents, chocolates, flowers–the whole nine yards–but it’s the kiss that truly seals the deal.  And if you aren’t prepared things could get ugly.

You see, if your lips are dry, damaged, and chapped from this year’s rugged winter, the kiss could be more of a flop than a success. Our advice? Be prepared and get your mouth in the right shape for Friday.

Don’t know how? Not to fear! A lip scrub will smooth away your worries in minutes. Here are our top 10 lip scrubs and creams to perfect your pout just in time for Valentine’s Day. You’ll be ready to kiss the night away in no time. Check out the rest of the story on here. 

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The Art of Face Contouring



Makeup by: Samer Khouzami

Looks, Oh how they can be deceiving! Let’s be honest, not everyone can afford to have a celebrity makeup artist at their beck and call every time they decide they want to look “red-carpet ready.” Youtube and social media beauties like Tatiana Ward a.k.a. Beat Face Honey and Amanda Ensing have simplified the classic face contouring process through countless video makeup tutorials.

These artists have helped me develop into a successful freelance makeup artist. Learning tips on products and contouring has helped me develop my own technique, which I’ve been fortunate enough to use in DC and New York Fashion Week, as well as on countless female and even male clients.

So, in case you need a bit more instruction on the technique, here’s a brief review of some of mine and my favorite celebrity makeup artist’s contouring tips; play by play. Click here for the full feature on

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Teyana and Riri’s Words Blue You Away? Cut the Drama, and Try these Icy Hues this Fall

Funny how frenemies have so much in common! Bad Girl Riri might not love Teyana Taylor’s voice but one thing’s for sure; both of them look haute in a blue lippy! They’ve announced the trend that makeup artists and beauty gurus have been sporting for the past year now. Nevertheless, now the world knows blue makeup is not limited to the eyes. In fact, the blue lipstick trend is one which has proven to be quite beautiful. Whether you prefer a pale sky-colored replica, or a tone as deep and dark as the sea. Try one of my fave beautiful blues this season!

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Get the Look! Kelly Rowland on the September 2013 Cover of Essence Magazine

Essence Beauty

Photos Courtesy of; and www.

Kelly’s aired her dirty laundry and yet again revealed her fresh face! Summer has come and nearly gone far too quickly, but looks like the one Kelly’s sporting here would certainly make the transition to cooler weather and shorter days easier. Last fall’s beauty trend was berry-inspiring! I predict this season’s will be the same (P.s. I’m hoping for a burnt scarlet trend. If the trend launches, say #BBBeautyDC called it!). Until then, here’s a quick tutorial on how you can pull of a flawless rock-star look like Kelly.

1. Prep the Face with Mac Prep and Prime

2. Apply Mac Studio Fix Fluid to the Entire Face. I recommend choosing two different shades, warm for those with red undertones and cool for those with yellow and blue undertones. I prefer to apply the lighter fluid in the t-zone and mountains of the cheeks to provide a soft contour. (If you’re not a contour pro, consider sticking with your perfect match of foundation and use the concealer as a highlight under the eyes and down the center of the nose.)

3. Set your foundation with Mac Skin Finish! Setting liquid foundation with powder will help pro-long the product on the face and give it a less cakey look.

4. Using your favorite highlight, apply with a fan brush to the apples of the cheeks and down the center of the nose into the forehead. I love MACs’ Extra Dimension Skin-finish. In loose or pressed powder, it’s like sprinkles atop a cupcake, Why not?!

5. Apply your favorite cream blush to the apples of the cheeks. No cream blush, no problem! Try your favorite rose colored shimmer-less lipstick and apply to the apples of the cheeks with round circles.

6. Line the lips with your favorite plum or Dark Brown Liner.

7. Apply MAC’s Matte Lipstick in the color Sin. Matte is great to pair with this look because she has a definite highlight and drama in the eyes. A matte lip will create balance and definition.

8. Using the Urban Decay Naked Palette, Apply the lightest golden color to the eyelids.

9. Using the bronze color, beginning at the outer corner of the eye, blend the bronze shadow into the golden lid.

10. Add drama to the look by applying the darkest, charcoal color last. Be sure to concentrate the darkest color on the outside and blend in carefully. This will create the illusion of larger eyes and help beginners with blending.

11. Using Ardell’s Lash Adhesive Apply your favorite lashes. I prefer any lash that has a clear band at the lash line with spaces between each hair cluster. This becomes invisible when lain on the base of the lash line which makes it look more natural from every angle.

Tag #bbbeautydc on Twitter and Instagram and Let us see your DIY look!

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