LOCS Anyone?





Three and a half years ago, I was in a complete natural hair debacle. I had a full fro, but because of a mild case of traction alopecia and minimal hair loss in the crown my sides and top were shot. With restless hands and an insatiable thirst to look fabulous, I did what any beauty would do, sought the perfect form of extensions. But this time, I took an interesting route; I sought loc extensions. After careful deliberation (well as careful as finding them and saying I’m in!), I purchased human hair locs, doused them in a cleansing solution for hours and then sat through a 6 hour process in which each of them were sewn onto my kinky, curly hair and voila!

Funny thing is, when I returned to college in January ( I got them during Christmas break), no one could really put their finger on what had happened. I gave some stories like, “I had them under my weave extensions,” (which was completely delusional because my loc extensions were mid-back in length) and “I’ve always had them”- They Bought It! Fast forward to 2014; my natural hair locked as it grew into the loc extensions and last October, I cut all of the extensions off to achieve a 100% natural Loc bob. Oh and NOW,
everybody has locs!

Fauxlocs are ACTUALLY a thing now! There are three different kinds of the typical loc extension. The first, is the one I described, in which locs that have been grown on another person’s head are cut, cleaned and then attached to another person’s head. This is the most realistic type of loc extension and with current techniques, the only giveaway is time! The second is the use of human Afro kinky hair which is twisted, knotted or hooked into a loc, and attached to the hair; either initially or as an attachment. Finally, there is the synthetic wrapping technique. This produces a completely temporary loc produced by wrapping the natural hair with the extension from root to tip. Performing artist Ciara has this kind which results in a bit of a shiny finish (depending on the type of hair used), and is a good option for a protective style. Whichever option is best for you, remember; synthetic fibers tend to be heavy, so have your stylist use care when attaching an extension so that there is not excessive stress on the scalp or strands. Loc options 2 and 3 should not be kept any longer than 3 months. Finally, if you are using option 1, make sure you choose locs with the right diameter, length and texture. After all, they’ll be permanently yours in a few months. Now, go loc it up! Use the hashtag #bbblocs to share your #fauxloc journey!

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