Get Glam in the Gym

gym beauty

I’ll admit it. I used to be one of those habitual “makeup at the gym” wearers. Boo! Heavy makeup and excessive perspiration do not mix! Not only can it clog pores, cause blackheads and excessive oiliness, but Barbies don’t get it in, Bold Beauties do! Be bold enough to bare your skin and natural beauty at the gym this summer. But, just in case your boo is over by the weights checkin for you {I know mine is}, here are a few tips to give your #gymflow Glam!

1. Opt for Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions or Falsies

I prefer semi-permanent (which are applied to each individual lash), but if you’re looking for a cheaper option (these can run $75-$185 for the first set) try individual lash clusters, much cheaper, and water-resistant. They will instantly lift your eyes and brighten your face!

2. Get those eyebrows done!

I am an avid threader; I don’t have the thickest natural brows in the world but I DO have an awesome, full shape thanks to careful grooming. Whether it’s waxing, threading, sugaring or tweezing (which isn’t my fave because it doesn’t offer the precision of the others but, to each his own) try to have your brows tamed every 3-4 weeks for a fresh groomed look. For those of us who have thinner brows, try Mac Cosmetics’ Brow Set Gel, now in waterproof, for a natural shading that also keeps stray hairs in position.

3. Go for a sweet lip rouge

There’s nothing wrong with a sweet lip color to adorn your lips while exercising. Go for a long lasting lip stain or balm that will leave your lips colored and moisturized. Want to up the glam? Try one of Makeup Forever’s Aqua Rouge combinations, with color that lasts through grease and sweat for over 12 hours.

4. Mattify

If you are one of those beauties who sweats purfusely; try applying a matte primer atop your moisturizer before you work out. It won’t keep you from sweating, but it will help with the icky oily mess associated with high impact cardio. Seal it with a dust of HD translucent colorless powder for extra oil free security.

5. Satisfy your skin

Always remember, a good skincare regimen is the key to a beautiful natural glow. Cleanse, moisturize and tone (CMT) your skin everyday. Exfoliant scrubs, spot treatments and/ or peels can be used once a week to give your skin the necessary “pep rally” it needs to get over a breakout or incident. But unless you have skin conditions like Rosacea, Eczema or clinically diagnosed adult acne, the CMT beauty regimen is one way to ensure your skin gets what it needs, everyday.

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