Bold Bright Beauty Classes!


I’m so excited to announce the beginning of a new full-fledged initiative to launch Bold Bright Beauty Classes! 2013 was such a crazy year and with a handful of classes and many more personal tutorials under my belt, I’m excited to announce that more classes are underway! My final class of 2013 was held at the Tomorrow’s Image Academy in Newport News, VA. I’m so excited to have had the opportunity to work with the young ladies, their models and mine! The opportunity and energy throughout the day was absolutely fabulous! Take a look at my model from the day as well as some of the group in action!


Model: Dimen Clark ” What a Beauty!”


This mother and daughter dynamic duo were so cute! And this aspiring artist is certainly going to do well! Hey Girls!


This student learns how to properly attach strip lashes shortly before we dove head-first into a tutorial on brow arching and maintenance.


The gang’s all here! These cosmetology school students were awesome! I’m happy to have had such an opportunity! Thanks Tomorrow’s Image!

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