The Art of Face Contouring



Makeup by: Samer Khouzami

Looks, Oh how they can be deceiving! Let’s be honest, not everyone can afford to have a celebrity makeup artist at their beck and call every time they decide they want to look “red-carpet ready.” Youtube and social media beauties like Tatiana Ward a.k.a. Beat Face Honey and Amanda Ensing have simplified the classic face contouring process through countless video makeup tutorials.

These artists have helped me develop into a successful freelance makeup artist. Learning tips on products and contouring has helped me develop my own technique, which I’ve been fortunate enough to use in DC and New York Fashion Week, as well as on countless female and even male clients.

So, in case you need a bit more instruction on the technique, here’s a brief review of some of mine and my favorite celebrity makeup artist’s contouring tips; play by play. Click here for the full feature on

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