Male Grooming 101

Believe it or not, manly, athletic, muscular men, DO wear makeup! Practically every man you’ve ever seen  on camera, whether in print, television or cinema has on some form of face product. Truth is, cosmetics can be used not to just to cultivate, but color the skin for your preference, and like women, in many cases, men can use cosmetics for enhancement. On screen, most men  wear full fledged makeup, I’m talking the WHOLE 9! like Makeup Forever’s HD Liquid Foundation, Contour Powder, Mascara, and even liner! Off camera however, some men would like to look flawless without having to overcome a fear of breaking “man code” in the process. No problem! Here are my top  men’s grooming products to make any man look wedding day or red carpet ready in a matter of minutes with enhancements so subtle, even they’ll forget they have something on.

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