BB Cream the All-in-one Product


In one of my recent trips to my neigboring pharmacy, I discovered Rimmel, Covergirl and Maybelline had newly released products. BB cream! As a follower of many makeup artists, and a fan of artist AJ Crimson, who happens to have his own self-named cosmetics line, including such a product, I decided to do some research of my own. BB cream (Beauty Balm), which I like to call Bold Beauty Cream is a multi-dimensional product which offers anywhere from 7-10 skin benefits. Similiar to tinted moisturizer in that it doesn’t provide full coverage, it’s so much more! Although some cosmetic lines claim that BB Cream combines skincare and makeup in 1 step, a good skin care regimen including a weekly hydrating mask, bi-weekly peel, daily cleanser, toner and moisturizer and well-balanced diet, is the best way to produce a flawless face.

Qualities of a Good BB Cream

  • SPF Protection
  • Built-in primer
  • Smoothing quality
  • Evens Skin tone
  • Litte oil and heavy ingredients
  • Brightening Effect

What’s a BB Cream Good For?

  • A day at the Beach
  • Gym flattery: Idk about you but I like to look flawless even while working out!
  • Purse Product, requiring minimal effort and technique
  • People who’ve had a major breakout and want to wear makeup without clogging pores or using too much product
  • Makeup Newbies
  • Anyone!

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