The Truth About Lip Liner


Alright, Alright, Alright! Here’s the truth about Lip Liner. Take notes, screen shot, or ping this because I’m only going to say it once my loves!

1. YES! Lip Liner is necessary! Especially for those of us who desire fuller, more plump puckers. Whether it’s a strong matte lipstick or a subtle nude lipgloss, lip liner can make a huge difference.

2. Only 1-2 shades darker! Although I loved Mary J Blige back in her What’s the 411 album days, the 5X darker lip liner shades are so over! Stick with a shade that’s 1-2 shades darker unless you’re going for a trendy, more advanced Umbre look – In that case, go for a corresponding color that’s either directly beside or across from it on the color wheel ( i know, i know, Google it!) and blend away!

3. Bleeding to Death? Beware! Most cream-based lipsticks and tints in general bleed, lip liners can help stop this.

4. Apply before and after. It all depends on your skill level, but sometimes when I’m working with a dark color, for example MAC Cosmetic’s Cyber, I like to apply my lipliner before the lipstick, to have a sort of stencil to trace, then I go back and perfect the cupid’s bow.

5. Blend Away: If you follow the color rules for liner, it shouldn’t be too hard to blend, however, if you ever find yourself completely freightened by the enormous amount of color you’ve applied and don’t want to take it all off, use a wet lip brush to trace over the existing line before applying more lipstick. This should lessen the intensity and brace your lips for another trial.

Mention @BBBeautyDC on Twitter and post a pick of you luscious lips!

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